Tips on Interior Design For Your Flat

House Renovation Jun 17, 2023

Decorating your own flat personally may save you the commissions of your interior decorator and you will be able to give your flat the look which you want to. So, are you interested in decorating your own flat? If yes, then read on carefully for I have mentioned some tips below which you should read before designing your flat. I am an interior designer. So you can totally trust on my tips.

Firstly, always remember that you are decorating your home

Many people when designing their home forget the above point and they make the mistake of over decorating their home with highly decorative show pieces and all that stuff. Always make your home open and spacious. Always use quality materials while decorating your flat or appartment as it is a capital investment of yours and you will have to use it for many years.

Things to construct while designing your flat

Construct simple false-ceilings with tray light in your flat. False ceilings give your flat a modern and a cozy look. But refrain from constructing heavy false-ceilings which come in between the eyes.

Tiling in the walls is another way to enhance the modern look of your home. You can do tiling in the wall which is directly visible from the main gate or the entrance of your flat. Guests not even entering your appartment would see the gorgeous tiling in the wall from outside. Another place which is ideal for the tiling work is the wall in which your LCD T.V. is attached to the wall.

The color which you should paint in your home should neither be very dark nor very light like yellow. Use a moderate colour for painting your home. Avoid using red colour. Coloured and designer wallpapers with different design are nowadays gaining popularity. I would personally recommend you pasting designer wallpapers in some of your walls. Note that do not paste wallpapers in all the walls of your appartment to make it look clumsy and ugly. Designer texture in the walls are also found in many homes. But, I would not recommend you texture in your walls as it does not enhance the look of your flat but makes it look unclean in most of the cases.