How to Check Electricity Bill Online

Mar 11, 2020 Uncategorized

Electricity bill is the main obligation that must be paid every month. However, busy activity, sometimes makes some people do not have time to pay their electricity bills on time. As a result, fines for late payment of electricity cannot be avoided.

Fortunately PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) (PLN) launched the PLN Mobile application, in order to facilitate customers in getting services and information from PLN. The presence of PLN Mobile through this application is expected to support the management of customer complaints and complaints services.

The features included in this application include token history, simulations for new installations or changes in power or temporary connections, requests for new installations or changes in power or temporary connections, current electricity tariff information, check the status of complaints and requests, latest news from PLN and the most important thing is how to check the electricity bill online. If you want to check the cost malang city pdam bills (cek tagihan pdam kota malang), you can visit

With this online electricity bill check, customers no longer need to be afraid of paying late or are confused about paying electricity. Currently how to check electricity bills online can be done via a smartphone, either through an application or a web browser

The benefits of checking electricity bills online

Before knowing how to check electricity bills online, it’s good you must first understand what benefits you can get online electricity bill checks.

1. More time saving

Checking electricity bills online is certainly easier and more efficient to do. You don’t need to bother sending messages via SMS or calling an electricity payment partner to just check the bill. In addition, you can save time to pay off electricity bills every month.

2. Direct billing data is received

You can find out the electricity bill data directly just by checking the electricity payment service online. Just install the application or access the website to check the bill can be done faster. That way, you can immediately pay off these bills according to the data stated in the application.

3. Can also pay for electricity online

The presence of an application that can facilitate checking electricity bills also helps you avoid the risk of being fined due to late paying bills. Moreover, the process is also easy and fast, so you can pay bills while doing other activities.

4. Anti-friction

Checking electricity bills online can also make your heart calmer and life less complicated, even when traveling even once. This is because you can easily check and pay bills whenever and wherever you are. So, your vacation will remain calm without being burdened by electricity bills that have not yet been paid off.

How to check electricity bills online

1. PLN Mobile

This application can not only be used to check electricity bills, but can also be used to check the history of kwh electricity usage, electricity token transactions, payment location information via banking, electricity status information, application progress info, and as a means of complaints of customer complaints. Everything can be downloaded for free on your mobile. Following are the ways to check electricity bills online through PLN Mobile:

1. Download and install the application

2. Select the Information menu on the menu tab.

3. Select the Invoice and Electricity Token Information menu.

4. Enter your customer ID or meter number.

5. Click Search.

6. The application will display the status of the electricity bill and the nominal amount.

2. Website

The next way to check the electricity bill online is through the website. One website to check PLN bills is Through the website, you can check several bills, one of which is to check the PLN electricity bill.

1. Select navigation Check PLN Electricity Bill on the left side of the page.

2. Enter the PLN customer ID in the column provided.

3. Enter the captcha code for verification.

4. Then click Check Bills.

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